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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My two cents on the Sandy Hook shooting

Note: I posted this in the comments section of a CNN story on Sandy Hook and it has been down-voted more than up-voted. This is why intelligent people don't speak up -- because there are too many FUCKING MORONS out there.

I'm not refuting the deaths of children, because I simply do not personally have the evidence to state that "nothing happened". However, I really want to know why NBC explicitly stated that ONLY FOUR HANDGUNS were found inside the school (read: no AR-15) and, as far as I'm aware, has never recanted this report yet other news agencies, including NBC, have continued on as if the AR-15 was the only weapon used (which coincides with the supposed coroner's evaluation that all wounds were caused by an AR-15).

As far as Robbie Parker is concerned, there's something going on there. I actually like Anderson Cooper, but his choice to label anyone who raises legitimate concerns about what was reported to the public about Sandy Hook as insane, nutty conspiracy theorists just didn't sit well with me. I've seen people grieve, too, Anderson. Never have I seen reactions or mannerisms like those I saw from Robbie Parker or Veronique Pozner.

Ah, yes. Veronique Pozner. You all thought Robbie Parker was bad, but the Pozner interview was red flag after red flag. The biggest of which, at least for me, was this line spoken by Pozner: "It takes 9 months to create a human being and it takes seconds for an AR-15 to take that away from the surface of this Earth."

Was this interview Chroma Keyed? At 3:00, AC's nose disappears. Uh... awkward.

Her voice did not tremble. She spoke as if it was rehearsed. Her tone did not in ANY WAY match that of a grieving mother. And, perhaps most notably, she named the AR-15 specifically.

"... Because that weapon fell in to the hands of a tormented soul." There was a shotgun in the trunk. There were at least 2 handguns found (let's just ignore the NBC report for a moment). He could have brought a Louisville Slugger to recess and start batting kids around like wiffle balls. He could have taken a basic Chemistry class and tossed bleach and ammonia in to a classroom and locked the door. He could have went online and in 5 minutes learned how to create a crude explosive device. But he didn't. He took his mother's firearms and used those instead.

Oh, yeah. They were his mother's firearms. The mother, who was evidently not a psychopath, who attained the weapons legally as far as I know. So, what now, parents with mentally challenged children can't have firearms? Should we extend this to autism? What about children who are chronic sleepwalkers? These are all potentially dangerous factors!

Pozner spoke only of the AR-15 as if the AR-15 woke up that morning, decided to shoot Adam Lanza's mother and then forced him to drive to Sandy Hook Elementary where the AR-15 just went off on its own and then framed Adam Lanza for what it just did.

The Pozner interview was the biggest, brightest red flag of the Sandy Hook media frenzy. Yet because normal people, not crazy people, but normal, intelligent, totally sane people ask questions, we are all lumped together under the wackadoodle banner and scolded.

Know what the best part is? I don't even own a gun because I don't have the money. But as a combat veteran, I know how to use one and yes, I'd like to own multiple firearms. And I will, someday. People who break the law aren't going to care what rules you put in place. All you're doing is allowing law abiding citizens to be outgunned in their own home because they chose to follow the law and go through the proper channels to acquire a firearm that could not stand up to what criminals would be bringing to the table.

I'll be damned that if when my wife gives birth next week to our first son and we move to the city in a year or so that I will not have trained my wife how to properly operate a handgun, bolt-action rifle, assault rifle and shotgun. I'm going to be at college all day. I will NOT allow my family to be victims in a dangerous world because we had to get a peashooter with a 5 round magazine whereas the criminals stuck to the tried-and-true AK-47s with 30+ rounds and high capacity Glocks, all due to some garbage about how firearms are pure evil and that the mind of a spree killer is not the most dangerous weapon in the scenario.


Friday, March 1, 2013

"Big boy indies" support Ouya only because they're paid to, claims Tiswaz Entertainment CEO Kevin Dent

Note: I submitted this article to GamesBeat, but changed the tone a little bit. You can view it here.
According to his LinkedIn profile, Kevin Dent is the CEO of Tiswaz Entertainment, COO of P4RC, Inc. and Chairperson for IGDA Mobile SIG. Never heard of any of these things? Neither have I. But it's okay - his page lists him as a "Video Game Executive" and "a 14 year veteran from the digital video games space". He is also the Business Development Partner and Strategist for Rekoil, a run-of-the-mill, bare-bones military FPS currently in beta. Kevin was interviewed by Polygon on August 29th, 2012, in regards to getting Rekoil on Steam Greenlight. It's been 6 months since the article was written and the game appears to be as close to Steam Greenlight now as it was then.
With these illustrious credentials, one would think that this man would be capable of defending his opinions eloquently and with a measure of maturity. Enter Kevin Dent's Twitter feed.

I asked him to put it in writing (i.e. stake the professional reputation of himself and his sources on it by providing proof of these claims) but he ignored my request. Kevin unsurprisingly doesn't define who the "big boy indies" are. And he's not done!

It is clear that Kevin Dent has no faith in the Ouya. It is also clear that Kevin Dent is full of fun pseudo-facts that no one knows but him. Perhaps Ouya did ask if Rekoil would be interested in porting to the Android-based console due for retail release this June but there's no way to know how that conversation went or if it even took place. In fact, there's no way to verify any of what this "video game executive" is saying. So why does he bother tweeting it? I wonder what happens if you dare to question his opinions...

Oh, I see. The "big boy indies" that he talks to all post on "closed industry forums with the thread topics called 'wow the Ouya is a terrible business proposition'". Every single one of them! Not just a couple, but ALL of them! Wow! It's like a secret society for the elite that no one has ever heard of and likely doesn't even exist. Some real video game Illuminati stuff going on here, folks.

Actually, Kevin, I am a combat veteran, a husband and a father. Those are my life accomplishments. Nothing fancy, like being a "video game executive". Sure, I've been playing video games for as long as I can remember - literally, my earliest memory is playing Super Street Fighter II when I was 4 or 5 years old - but I am a mere consumer.

However, I am an informed, unbiased consumer. If my opinion is shaped by something, I share that something with others. What I don't do is attempt to personally attack those who respectfully raise legitimate thoughts on a subject that conflict with my own and I most definitely do not play the "I'm a member of a cool kids club and I can't talk about it!" card.

By the very definition of his various job titles, Kevin Dent is a professional. He's connected. Kind of. Supposedly. Whatever.

I am just not buying what he's selling. Apparently, neither is anyone else.

I found this character by searching "Ouya" on Twitter to see who was talking about it. Perhaps there was some new information I wasn't aware of. Sometimes I search for "Final Fantasy VII" or "Legend of Legaia" or any number of cool things to see what people may have tweeted about them recently. It's fun and you can contact people who share similar interests that way. It's called networking.

The bottom line is that this "video game executive" claims THE reason for "big boy indies" supporting the Ouya is because they're being paid off. This is an accusation that could use some clearing up. I have reached out to Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman via Twitter in an attempt to ascertain the truth. I imagine she is rather busy so who knows if she'll even see the tweet. I am not a member of the press. I don't have a list of credentials that may or may not be of any importance to anyone but myself.

I'm just a gamer who believes that people, including pompous "video game executives", should be held accountable for what they say. Especially when they're throwing around allegations of shady behavior.