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Thursday, February 21, 2013

PlayStation 4: Price and Execution

These are the two aspects that will be huge, at least for me.

A whole lot of promises and the idea that this streamlined architecture saved Sony a ton of money on research and development costs which in turn will allow for a not-so-monstrous launch price.

However, to maximize the potential of the PlayStation 4 philosophy, a Vita is necessary. I fully expect a $200 Vita price tag by the time PlayStation 4 is released, but geez.

The launch of the PlayStation 3 was so abysmal that my preferred progression got all messed up. I was totally content with Sony until PS3 came around with the infamous "you'll need two jobs to pay for it and you'll do it because you want it so bad!" philosophy.

I mean, I was in Iraq when PlayStation 3 dropped and was gone for the next 15 months, so I could've afforded it, but to have it sent to Iraq would have been totally pointless. By the time I got back, I got caught up in the Xbox 360 hype that the rest of North America was caught up in, was medically discharged due to injuries received impacting my ability to perform my duties in a combat arms MOS of the U.S. Army, and have been on a low fixed income ever since.

I'm trying to find ways to generate more revenue. I've got AdSense on a blog, I've recently started doing YouTube again after my partnership with Machinima went sour on a separate channel (went sour for a lot of people in the past few months), I've started contributing to GamesBeat which allows you to link your AdSense there, as well. Trying to get my foot in the door of this industry, basically. It's not easy and there are no conveniently laid out paths to success.

Wow, rant much. Anyway, here was my system progression from birth till now:

Xbox 360

I love - I ABSOUTELY LOVE - the idea of taking ALL of my favorite games of all time (FFVII, FFIX, Xenogears, etc. - I wonder if the PSN version of Chrono Trigger will have its notoriously long loading times sped up on the PS4) is incredibly enticing.

The Share feature is okay... but they kind of forgot that commentary is just as if not more important than the gameplay, depending on the game and content you are trying to create. Uploading raw gameplay will only be good for... well, I dunno. Showing people how you beat a boss or something, I suppose. But with no editing? How dull. It's such an elementary approach. The importance of capture cards and general editing will not be dismissed. I guess people who just wanna upload clips to YouTube so all of 12 people will ever see it will enjoy the Share feature, but everyone else won't make much use of it unless it's a genuinely funny or entertaining clip. They failed to mention how this Share feature would interact with online multiplayer, though I can't imagine it wouldn't work properly.

I recently got in to PC gaming to some extent. XFX Radeon HD 7770, i5-3570 (no k, don't really need to OC beyond that my No-K OC can already do), 8 GB RAM, not bad. But I'll be using it for exclusives only. I'm a console gamer at heart, always have been - though my favorite games are old enough to where they can be easily emulated on my laptop with an i5-3210m and Intel HD 4000. Just saying.

Point is, getting in to PC gaming required me to get up to speed on what goes in to a PC. With this knowledge, I understand the power of the PS4 and where the power is coming from. It definitely has me excited, but as much as I love Sony's legacy aside from the awkward missteps taken by the PS3, I can't yet dedicate myself to the PlayStation cause even with the prospect of having all of my favorite games of all time easily accessible no matter where I am at any given time (assuming I have the correct device in hand).

And I'm the kind of sentimental secret nerd that is relaxed by listening to '90s era Nobuo Uematsu on Spotify. I mean, I love the offer on the table. I really do! The pricing and execution will be everything, at least to me and probably everyone else who has limited funds and things like a wife and newborn child to provide for.

The bottom line is that some people have to make a choice for an entire console generation and they need to stick to it because that is what circumstances demand. I'm ready to be won over by Sony. I want them to sweep me up in their next-gen awesomeness. Now all we can do is wait for Microsoft to unveil their master plan. The power of what many perceive as home court advantage cannot be underestimated and Microsoft does have a lot of North American momentum heading in to the next generation.

The competition for our dollars will be greater than ever. It's 2013, and it's a great time to be a gamer.

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