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Monday, February 18, 2013

"Pay more, get faster internet!" It's not that simple

I live in Maine. For most of us up here, our internet speeds are just plain crap. Here's an example of what my connection looks like with no one else in the house online. This is not a joke.

Yeah. That's supposed to be a 3 MBPS download (I've never seen it spike above 605 KBPS; usually it's around 350 KBPS) and a 768 KBPS upload. This costs $35.99/month.

Now take a look at what my ISP offers for my area. By the way, this is the only ISP in town.

Apparently, I have the Standard plan. Looks like all I have to do is pay $14 more a month for Ultra, right? Simple as that, right? Too easy, right? Yeah, no, wrong. Just because an ISP offers you something on the website doesn't mean you can get it in your area.

Circled in blue is my neck of the woods. The fastest speed you can get here (and yes, this is a residential area, not a log cabin in the middle of nowhere) is what I already have. And just to rub it in, my ISP also offers this on their website:


TL;DR - If you're fortunate enough to live in an area with fast and fairly priced internet, congratulations. But if you are one of those people who sit around on Xbox Live or PlayStation Network or Steam or whatever and die because someone other than you lags about from time to time and your comeback is "well, just get a better internet connection", you are an idiot. It very likely has nothing to do with that person being "poor" and everything to do with location, location, location.

Deal with it.

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